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Maribel Bustamante


Country of origin: Ecuador

Mother language: Spanish : Español

Spoken languages: English, Spanish

About the teacher


I am a Spanish teacher with more than 20 years of experience. I have studies in neuroscience applied to education, which has allowed me to create "Brain-friendly" activities to help my students achieve their goals with the Spanish language.

I have a passion for cacao beans, its history, and the manufacturing of chocolate.

I also offer "Hands-on" workshops in Spanish about the history of cacao beans and how to make chocolate.


Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, University Catholic of Ecuador, 2000
Professional chocolatier, George Brown College, 2019
Gamification certificate, University of Pennsylvania, 2020
Neuroscience Applied to Education, University of Buenos Aires, 2023


Spanish teacher for foreign students in Ecuador.
Spanish tutor in Canada.

Courses by this teacher:

Spanish: Spanish Classes