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Laura Dincă Mason


Country of origin: Romania

Mother language: Romanian : Română

Spoken languages: Romanian, English

About the teacher

I'm a native Romanian language professor with a masters degree from the University of Philology, in Bucharest, Romania. I am also a certified teacher, ESL and translator/interpreter in NS, Canada.

I have extensive experience of tutoring Romanian in my home country as well as online for professionals (doctors, international medical students, engineers, business consultants, etc) from the USA, Canada, England, Danemark and Australia.

I love teaching Romanian, I am a very reliable, enthusiastic and creative teacher according to the learners interests and expectations. I taught Romanian in Romania to students (for academic exams) and to foreigners (one on one).

I've been tutoring online (through Skype) for eight years ( beginner, intermediate and advanced levels), I have a flexible work schedule trying to accommodate to the learners' interests. Also, I am an experimented Romanian language tutor for foreign learners who need academic exams for language testing.

My Romanian lessons with audio will help to learn the languages or improve through conversation, reading, listening and writing. They will tailor the students to express clearly in social, business, situations, academic or travel purposes.The lessons are always student-centered, interactive, related to real life and cultural situations.


Master Degree in Romanian language and literature, University of Languages, Bucharest, Romania, 1985.

Teaching License at Teaching College in Romania, 1982.

Teaching License in NS, Canada, 1995.

Interpreting Accreditation in NS, Canada, 1998.


Extensive teaching experience in Braşov, Romania ( Romanian and EFL)/ Romanian students.

Tutoring Romanian on line to foreign students from Europe, North America ( Canada and USA) and Australia.

Teaching and substituting at elementary and high school levels in NS, Canada.

Teaching ESL to immigrants in NS.

Courses by this teacher:

Romanian: Romanian Language Course