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Fotografie workshop

Teacher: Dario Spoto (Berlin)

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Fotografie workshop

(Photography workshop)

Course description:

Der Workshop wird auf Sie fokussiert werden und ein Projekt werden Sie mit meinen Nachhilfeunterricht zu machen. Wir werden durch die Geschichte, die technischen Aspekte zu gehen, der Überprüfung Ihrer Bilder und versuchen, um ein Projekt, eine Geschichte, die Sie erzählen möchten.

The workshop will be focused on you and a project you will make with my tutoring. We will go through history, technical aspects, reviewing your pictures. During the workshop you will learn how to tell a story using photography.

Il workshop sarà basato attorno a voi e al vostro progetto fotografico. Passeremo dalla storia ai grandi nomi della fotografia, dagli aspetti meramente tecnici al revisionare il vostro lavoro. Nel corso del workshop imparerete come raccontare una storia, usando la fotografia.

Teaching approach:

The workshop will start with a portfolio reading, we will get to know each other using photography. We will focus on some world known photographers and we will analyze them in order to obtain conceptual and practical tools to build our project. Each of the attendees will go through the process of the creation of a project, research, try outs, revisions. The practical part is the most important one, by your own and in the class with me and other students (if we will be in groups).

Course program:

The workshop has as aim to give the tools to the attendees to communicate through photography. Photography is a language and, as any language, it can be learned. This workshop doesn't focus on make you become an artist but to learn how to communicate with a series of picture, tell stories. Instead of the alphabet we will learn what is an aperture, shutter speed, composition. We will learn how to use colors and how to pre work and postproduct black and white. We will get to know who are the greatest photographer, why and how to use what they achieved for our projects. All the class is based on your personal project that you will develop with my tutoring. It will be fun, it will be hard, you will have to push yourselves beyond your limits sometimes. At the end of the workshop you are going to have the knowledge of how to use a camera, and not just to take a nice picture.

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Hourly rates:

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Dario Spoto

Spoken languages: Italian, English, German


I am a professional photographer. My main focus is photojournalism and art. I am also involved in movies, cinempatography and directing. I have a bachelor in Fine Arts and I have been studying in Italy, Poland and Germany. I would love to teach people about photography in a historical and conceptual way and practice it on the street or in studios, developing one or more personal project with my tutoring. It happened already in past to teach people photography and many times those people turned in great and passionate photographers. This is my aim: to give to someone the opportunity to push him\herself and start to communicate through the media of photography.


Bachelor in Fine Arts, Accademy of Fine Arts of Catania, 2014.


I taught in many workshops to groups and also one to one. I have been teaching mostly in Italy and to any kind of people, from students to workers, artists, teachers.

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