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Kunst & Crafts für Kinder

Teacher: Leonor Beuter (Berlin)

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Kunst & Crafts für Kinder

(Art & Crafts for children)

Course description:

Kunst: Zeichnung, Malerei und Collage. Illustration und Geschichtenerzählen. Handwerk: zu konstruieren und schaffen Spielwaren, Puppen, Masken, Kostüme und Musikinstrumente mit wiederverwertbaren Materialien. Lernen und üben eine neue Sprache: Spanisch oder Englisch.

Art: drawing, painting and collage. Illustration and storytelling. Crafts: construct and create toys, puppets, masks, costumes and musical instruments to show and play with friends and family. Creative use of recyclable materials. Learn and practice a new language: Spanish or english.

Arte: dibujo, pintura y collage. Ilustración: contar cuentos con imágenes. Manualidades: construcción de juegos y juguetes, títeres, máscaras, disfraces e instrumentos musicales con materiales reciclables. Espacio de juego e interacción para mostrar y compartir la producción. Español o inglés.

Teaching approach:

Arts and crafts for children offers: the possibility to develop creativity in a playful atmosphere, to learn new techniques and improve own skills trough practice and personal guidance. Find ways to express their uniqueness and originality in a safe and respectful environment . Discover new ways of communication through art. Have the possibility to speak their mother language or learn and practice a new language interacting with peers - spanish or english -. For children 3 - 9 years old.

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Painting classes, Berlin

Coffee shop: Vavien
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Painting classes, Berlin

Coffee shop: Cambalache de Mafalda
Skalitzer Str. 45,10997 Berlin

Painting classes, Berlin

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Painting classes, Berlin

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates:

1 student:EUR €20.00*
2 students:EUR €15.00 per student*
3+ students:EUR €10.00 per student*
 Trial class: minus 25% promotional discount*

* Plus EUR €3.00 administration fee per class (per student)
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Leonor Beuter

Spoken languages: Spanish, English, German

About the teacher

Mi nombre es Leonor Beuter y soy argentina. Estudié artes visuales, fotografía e ilustración, sin limitarme a estas disciplinas, siempre he experimentado y explorado otras áreas artísticas. He participado y dirigido proyectos artísticos multidisciplinarios basados en la creación colectiva. Resido en Berlín desde el 2013, dónde desarrollo mi actual proyecto: "El viaje del Loco".

Lo que más me gusta de enseñar es trabajar con niños. Compartir, guiar y estimular el desarrollo de sus cualidades creativas. Estar cerca de ellos, verlos jugar y abordar el proceso creativo es, a su vez, una gran inspiración para mi propio trabajo artístico. La comunicación transcultural y la búsqueda de un lenguaje universal, son los impulsores fundamentales de mi proyecto en curso, que me ha llevado a vivir y trabajar en una tierra extranjera dónde el idioma y la comunicación son permanente novedad y desafío. Me interesa aprender y enseñar lenguajes a través del juego y desarrollo de actividades creativas. Soy afín a los lenguajes simbólicos de todo tipo, especialmente al Tarot. Otros de mis intereses son el Teatro de sombras, las disciplinas corporales como el yoga o la improvisación en danza.

I am Leonor Beuter and i come from Argentina. I studied visual art, photography and illustration. Because i love to explore, i always feel free to work and experiment with other artistic disciplines. I´ve been also working in multidisciplinary projects of collective creation. I live in Berlin, here i develop my current artistic project: "The Fool´s Journey".

What i like most about teaching is to work with children. Share and guide them in the development of their own creative skills. To spend time with them and see how they play and create is a great inspiration for my own artwork. Communication between and beyond cultures and search for an universal language, are one of the fundamental motivations of my present project. That is why i decided to live in a foreing country where i had to learn a new langauge and my communication skills were challenged. I like to learn and teach languages through the development of creative activities in a playful atmosphere. I am interested in symbolic lenguages of all kind, specially in Tarot. Other subjets of my interest are shadow theater, performance, yoga and impro dance.

Ich bin Leonor Beuter, komme aus Argentinien und lebe seit 2013 in Berlin. In Buenos Aires habe ich Bildenden Künste, Photographie und Illustration studiert, arbeite und experimentiere aber auch gerne mit anderen künstlerischen Disziplinen. Neben der Teilnahme an multidisziplinären Kunstprojekten entwickelte ich hier auch mein eigenes künstlerisches Projekt: „ Die Reise des Narren“, ein interkulturelles Performance-Theaterprojekt.

Für mich ist das Unterrichten, die Arbeit, vor Allem mit Kindern, sehr motivierend, da ich hierbei die Möglichkeit habe die Kinder bei der Entwicklung ihrer eigenen kreativen Fähigkeiten zu unterstützen. Daneben ist die gemeinsam mit den Kindern verbrachte Zeit des spielerischen Lernens auch für mich eine Bereicherung und Inspiration für mein eigenes künstlerisches Schaffen. Der Schwerpunkt meiner Arbeit liegt auf der interkulturelle Kommunikation mittels Universal- bzw. Symbolsprachen, wie z.B Schattentheater, Performance, Impro-Tanz welche durch die gegebene spielerische Atmosphäre eine offene und kreative Lernumgebung schafft.


_BACHELOR of VISUAL ARTS. U.N.A. (National University of Arts). Majoring in painting under the direction of Carlos Bissolino, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2002 - 2009
_Exchange semester. Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft, Alfter near Bonn, Germany. 2012
_YOGA Education under the direction of Clara Bercovicht. Yoga teacher certificate. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2006 - 2008
_PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY. School of Professional Photography Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2000 - 2002


I worked as an art and craft teacher at School in Argentina, here you can see the details:
_Craft teacher for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd class. School San Luis Gonzaga, Bs As, Argentina.
Pedagogical direction of groups of 30 children. Organization and guide of creative activities, design and construction of useful objects from recycle material. 2011 - 2013
_Art teacher for students from 1st to 7th class. School San Luis Gonzaga, Bs As, Argentina.
Artistic creation afterschool course. Pedagogical direction of groups of 30- 40 children in collaboration with a second art teacher. Plan and guide of creative activities during the class. Organization of art exhibitions of the student´s production. 2012
I gave also private Photoshop lessons for adults and private art lessons for children in Argentina.
I worked also as a babysitter specialized in art and recreational activities in Argentina and Germany.

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