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Persian Language and Culture

Teacher: Bahareh Azad (Montreal)

IRTeacher from Iran. Speaks English, Persian.


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Learn Persian

Persian Language and Culture

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Course description:

Helps learn how to communicate in Persian (Farsi) effectively. Focuses on comprehension and speaking through simple structures. Gives you essential cultural cues and critical dos and don'ts in the context. It would be a combination of multimedia materials, on-line support and face-to-face meetings.

Teaching approach:

We start with verb conjugation and word combinations rules. Then comes basic vocabulary and sentence structure. Once you learn the basic rules (implicit grammar) and tricky exceptions you would be able to go forward pretty smoothly. Conversation simulation and otherwise activities and exercises too help managing real-life situations. The focus in speaking would be communication and conversational/colloquial use of the language rather than formal Farsi.

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Persian classes, Montreal

Library: McGill Library
3459 McTavish St, Montreal, QC H3A 0C9, Canada
Persian classes, Montreal

University: McGill University
845 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3A 0G4, Canada
Persian classes, Montreal

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Persian classes, Montreal

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

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1 studentCAD $35.00 [~USD $27.64]
2 studentsCAD $30.00 [~USD $23.69]
3 students or moreCAD $25.00 [~USD $19.74]

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Bahareh Azad

Country of origin: Iran

Mother language: Persian

Spoken languages: English, Persian

About the teacher

I am a native Persian Speaker from Iran and a PhD candidate in English literature at McGill and University of Isfahan, Iran. I have been teaching and tutoring English and Persian for about 16 years. I have had also the great experience of Persian/French exchange in Montreal. I have a clear understanding of language teaching/learning methods, challenges, and strategies to deal with them.

I have taught Persian at University in Iran and published a Bloomsbury project on Persian modernism. For the Persian course I will start with verb conjugation and basic vocabulary. It then becomes topic-oriented vocabulary, conversation and discussion. Either formal or informal Persian would be the aim, depending on your demand. Reading, speaking, listening, grammar, pronunciation and even the challenging task of writing would be targeted.


PhD candidate in English Literature at McGill University and University of Isfahan,Iran


IELTS, TOEFL, and all levels of general English courses in Iran.
English literature courses at University of Isfahan, Iran.
Persian literature courses at University of Isfahan, Iran
Iran Language Institute, (Kanoon-e Zaban-e Iran).
English and Persian tutoring in Montreal, Canada.

Courses by this teacher:

Learn Persian: Persian Literature

Learn English: English Literature, Theory, and/or Poetry

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