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Learn Music Theory

Musik Theorie

(Music Theory)

Course description:

Egal, ob ihr gerade erst anfangt zu lernen oder schon in tief in die Welt von Jazz Harmony eintauchen wollt, dieser Kurs ist perfekt für euch. Ich zeige euch, wie ihr Akkorde erkennt, aufbaut und nutzt. Ihr lernt die Tonleitern und viele nützliche Dinge, um eure Musik einzigartig zu machen.

Whether you're just starting out or want to delve into the world of jazz harmony, this course is perfect! I will guide you through the world of music theory learning how to recognize, build and use chords, scales and many other useful concepts to make your music unique.

Teaching approach:

I focus on teaching the skills to make you an independent learner rather than concentrating on songs or specific pieces of music. We will analyze pieces of music from a range of genres to help you better understand how to incorporate music theory into your own work.

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Music Theory classes, Berlin

Studio: JLT Studio
Wolframstrasse 1a 12105 Berlin
Music Theory classes, Berlin

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Music Theory classes, Berlin

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Music Theory classes, Berlin

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Music Theory classes, Berlin

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1 studentEUR €50.00 [~USD $53.68]
2 studentsEUR €45.00 [~USD $48.31]
3 students or moreEUR €40.00 [~USD $42.94]

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Joshua Tindall

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English

About the teacher

I'm Joshua Tindall, an Australian musician/teacher with a huge passion for sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their goals. I really enjoy seeing hard work pay off especially when my students have that 'click' moment as they realise or master a skill they've been working.

Since graduating university in Sydney, I've moved to London and worked as a school teacher in many different schools before deciding to move to Berlin and focus on making a more musical career. Since moving to Berlin I've focused on teaching piano, composition and jazz alongside the recording side of things. Currently, I'm teaching students between the ages of 4 and 70, with a range of abilities, everything from beginner piano skills to advanced improvisation techniques as well as how to set up a recording studio and compose their own music.

Personally I find that teaching something that you truly enjoy makes a huge difference, I look forward to those early mornings where I get to do what I enjoy!


Bachelor of Music, The Australian International Conservatorium of Music 2012.
Master of Teaching, University of Western Sydney 2014.


Private piano teacher (Sydney, London, Berlin) - beginner/intermediate/advanced.
Supply Teacher (London) - Working in both High School and Primary School.
English Teacher (Berlin) - Teaching children and adults of all levels.
Freelance musician (Sydney, London, Berlin) - Performing at pubs and clubs as well as weddings and private events.
Composer/Arranger (various) - I have composed and arranged music for a variety of situations including film, performances and simply to reinforce skills while learning an instrument.
Recording Engineer (Sydney, Berlin) - Recording musicians and bands.

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