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Teacher: Elena Albina (Quebec)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English, French, Other.


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1 student$30.00 [~$24.30]
2 students$23.00 [~$18.63]
3 students or more$17.00 [~$13.77]

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Russian Language

Course description:

My teaching methods are inspired by four classical approaches which vary from students' needs and interests: traditional (e.g.translation), direct (e.g. dialogues questions-answers), structural (e.g. grammar exercises) and communicative (e.g. production of documents by students and teacher).

Teaching approach:

As a social constructivist, I am deeply convinced that learning is an active process, where the role of the teacher is not simply to transfer knowledge but to provide students with all possible tools to encourage them for creative self-work and further independent discovery.

Course program:

Since my appoach is result-oriented, I ask my sudents to produce some documents after each lesson and to put them in a specially assigned folder in Dropbox, so that I could correct them before the next lesson starts. For pure beginners who only start learning alphabet, it might be writing by hand letters and words in printed and cursive forms and registering their reading. For more advanced students, the tasks could be answering to the questions to the audio texts I read and we discussed during the lesson (the list of new words is distibuted before), constructing dialogues and texts based on the specific grammar structures and chosen vocabulary topics, answering to multiple-choice exercices available in Russian language web-sites, translating to French students' own texts written earlier in Russian and corrected by me a lesson before. Besides, from time to time I also conduct some general tests of their knowledge followed by spontaneous conversation on the topics we studied before. This latter method allows me to reveal the gaps in their knowldge and to reconstruct my future lessons accordingly.

Places where you can take this course:

Russian classes, Quebec

Coffee shop: Le Pub universitaire, Université Laval
2325, rue de l'Université Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6 Canada
Russian classes, Quebec

Coffee shop: Tim Hortons
1070 Chemin De La Rive Sud St-Romuald, Lévis QC G6W 5M5
Russian classes, Quebec

Coffee shop: Presse café
2825 Boulevard Laurier Quebec, QC G1V 2L9
Russian classes, Quebec

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Russian classes, Quebec

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Russian classes, Quebec

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Russian classes, Quebec

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentCAD $30.00 [~USD $24.30]
2 studentsCAD $23.00 [~USD $18.63]
3 students or moreCAD $17.00 [~USD $13.77]

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Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120 minutes

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Elena Albina

Country of origin: Russia

Mother language: Russian

Spoken languages: English, French, Other

Course: Russian Language

"Teacher is well prepared and makes lessons interesting to student. Variation in format of lesson is helpful in learning the language. ", Quebec

Course: Russian Language

"Teacher is always punctual, prepared and prepares interesting lessons. ", Quebec

About the teacher

Russian by origin and Neo-Quebecois since eleven years, I offer Russian courses as face-to-face, blended and online classes (by Skype). My knowledge of English, French and some basics of Dutch facilitates teaching Russian from comparative linguistic and cultural perspectives.

In terms of structure, each lesson is subdivided into five elements: conversation, grammar training, listening, writing, and reading. However, this structure is rather flexible : based on learner-centered approach as my guiding philosophy, my methods are easily adapted to your knowledge level, pace of learning and personal objectives. The didactic material is always included in the lesson fee.

Russe d’origine et néo-québécoise depuis déjà onze ans, je propose des cours de russe en présentiel, en ligne et en mode hybride (en présentiel et par Skype). La maîtrise de l'anglais et du français ainsi que mes connaissances de base du néerlandais me permettent de mieux enseigner le russe en tant que langue étrangère par les analogies et les références interculturelles. Après avoir accumulé plusieurs années d’expérience en enseignement du français et de l’anglais comme des langues secondes, ainsi que du russe comme une langue étrangère, je jongle facilement avec de diverses méthodes pédagogiques. Celles-ci incluent, entre autres, une approche classique (exercices de grammaire, de vocabulaire et d’audio) et une approche communicative ou intuitive (conversations spontanées). Le matériel didactique (des exercices et enregistrements developpés pour d'autres étudiants) est inclut dans le prix de mes cours.

Русская по происхождению и нео-квебечка в течение последних одиннадцати лет, я даю частные уроки русского языка в форме традиционных занятий, а также по интернету (по скайпу). Знания английского, французского и основ нидерландского помогают мне преподавать русский посредством сравнительных лингвистических методов. Мой метод преподавания включает в себя пять основных аспектов: 1) развитие разговорных навыков; 2) структурное изучение грамматики; 3) аудирование; 4) развитие письменной речи; 5) чтение. Приоритетность этих аспектов будет выбрана в зависимости от ваших целей обучения (будь то развитие базовых разговорных навыков, или совершенствование лексического запаса), темпа обучения и уровня знаний. Дидактический материал (распечатка учебников, страниц веб-сайтов, создание звуковых файлов на основе прочитанных текстов, итд.) включен в стоимость занятий.

До скорой встречи!


Certificate in professional editing in French, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 2018.
Master of arts in Educational technologies, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 2016.
PhD (kandidat nauk), Political Science, Kazan State University (Russia), 2005.
B.A. (diplom spetsialista) – International Relations, Kazan State University (Russia), 2002.


My first experience of teaching where I applied foreign language teaching methodology was in Russia, where I gave private lessons of English to secondary school students and adults. Afterwards, as a PhD student in Belgium (2004-2009) I mastered my communication and pedagogical skills through preparing courses in Political science, organizing roundtable discussions, coaching masters' students theses and interpreting lectures from Russian to French and English. Since 2010, in response to demands of my friends and colleagues, I began to give private lessons of Russian in Quebec.
Starting from spontaneous conversations with my friends, nowadays my clientele has grown to the students with diverse needs and level of knowledge, thanks to my needs analysis techniques and rigorous planning in advance which include audio records of texts, scanned documents of diverse didactic materials published in France, Canada and Britain, links to useful web-sites, and an active use of Dropbox and Skype.

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