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How to find the best online French teachers


April 15

You've decided to start taking lessons with a private French tutor but you don't know where to start and what to look for? In this article we look at several important aspects of taking private lessons online and in particular what to consider when choosing a private French tutor.

You or someone in your family has decided to brush up on French for the first time since high school? Nowadays it is easier than ever to find a variety of language learning resources online, ranging from movies to literature to interactive applications and to online virtual classes. Working with an online French teacher is one of the most effective methods for learning the French language. A private French teacher can guide you in your first steps and correct your mistakes so that you don't build bad habits that might be difficult to redress in the future.

There are several websites offering online virtual French classes, how do you chose the best? Here are several factors to consider.

The teacher's qualifications

First and foremost, it is important to pay attention to the teacher's credentials. Although official diplomas are not always an absolute necessity, they are usually a sign that the teacher will be able to provide you with quality lessons and well structured materials and contents. A good teacher will usually have a university-level degree or relevant French teaching certificates.

The country of origin

It is also important to consider the way you are planing to use the knowledge you will acquire. If you are planing to travel to a particular French-speaking country it is probably better to find a French teacher who comes from that country. Although standard French can be understood without problems across the Francophonie, the actual way it is spoken can vary widely between countries. Having a tutor from a particular country will help you familiarize with the accent and the colloquial expressions of that particular region.

Class prices

You should also be conscious of your budget. Experienced French teachers tend to charge higher prices than novice teachers. This means that you can keep your expenses under control if you decide to give a chance to less experienced teachers that charge lower rates but can still help you obtain great results. Another way of keeping your expenses low is to share the cost of the classes among several friends. Sites like Multi-Language Cafe allow you to take semi-private classes at lower hourly rates per student.

Secondary languages

If you are an absolute beginner, let's not forget that you will need to communicate with the teacher in your own native language or a third language you both speak. If you are in this situation, it is important to verify the secondary languages your teacher can work with. If, on the other hand, your level of proficiency in French is already sufficient for basic conversations, it is possible that the lessons can take place exclusively in French! In that case you will be able to greatly accelerate your learning experience!

Teaching approach

Finally, it is important to read carefully the teacher's introduction as well as their approach to teaching French. Different teachers use different methods and have different teaching styles. It is also possible that some teachers might be generally more aligned with the activities and subjects you are interested in. A website like Multi-Language Cafe provides helpful background information on each teacher so that you can easily choose among those that fit your learning objectives best.

Our private French teachers

If you are ready to start looking for your perfect online French teacher, take a look at Multi-Language Cafe. Our French teachers are highly qualified and can adapt their teaching to your learning objectives. You book your own classes online according to your own schedule and following your own pace! The best part of a service like Multi-Language Cafe is that you can take your lessons online by Skype, Zoom or any similar teleconferencing service, but also in person, if the teacher lives in your city.

Happy learning!

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