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Singing Course Berlin

Singing Courses in Berlin >

Gesangsunterricht Jazz/Pop/Soul

Catalina Sophie Gabriel, Berlin

Classes from EUR €25.00

German Course Montreal

German Courses in Montreal >


Simone Landry, Montreal

Classes from CAD $27.00

Spanish Course Bogota

Spanish Courses in Bogota >

Español Conversacional

Fernando Cárdenas, Bogota

Classes from USD $20.00

Turkish Course Bursa

Turkish Courses in Bursa >


Gül Pek, Bursa

Classes from EUR €20.00

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Courses and Teachers

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Courses and Teachers

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Latest reviews

"Definitely looking forward to next class!"SR, Montreal

"She's a great teacher. I've already been provided with book material and exercises to follow up on my studies. I'm very glad I was able to find such a good and nice teacher!"FM, San Francisco

"The teacher is nice and has a good cultural level. I indend to pursue a few more classes."JM, Montreal

"Great class and great teacher. Would definitely recommend."RB, Barcelona

"Excellent teacher. Very organized and makes learning Portuguese a pleasure!"Gregory, Montreal

"Class well organized and teacher used relevant material."CB, Washington DC

"Très bon professeur, patiente et pedagogue. "Alexandre, Montreal

"Fantastic teacher! Very experienced, patient, friendly and attentive! I look forward to future lessons!"PK, Hamburg

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