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Spanish Course Berlin

Spanish Courses in Berlin >

Spanisch Sprache

Tutor: ESTHER BLANCO, Berlin

Classes from EUR €15.00

French Course Montreal

French Courses in Montreal >

Cours de français DÉBUTANT

Tutor: Matilde Bertrand, Montreal

Classes from CAD $25.00

Spanish Course Madrid

Spanish Courses in Madrid >


Tutor: Manuel Rodríguez, Madrid

Classes from EUR €14.00

Spanish Course Madrid

Spanish Courses in Madrid >


Tutor: Manuel Rodríguez, Madrid

Classes from EUR €12.00

Spanish Course Madrid

Spanish Courses in Madrid >


Tutor: Manuel Rodríguez, Madrid

Classes from EUR €12.00

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Latest reviews

Course: English conversation - All levels

"Bryna's methods are great, she is very polite and have a huge knowledge of teaching English.", Ottawa

Course: Tagalog language

"The teacher was very motivated, well prepared and structured. She brought printed working material and clearly communicated all class contents with me. All contents discussed are tailored to my personal goals set for this class. The working atmosphere was very positive.", Gatineau

Course: Russian language

"Elena is patient, good at identifying shortcomings in students and adapts well to fill those gaps. Under her tutelage, I have progressed significantly in a relatively short time, and have learned about Russian history and culture in the process!", Montreal

Course: Adobe InDesign (partie 1 : Impression)

"Merci, très bon professeur, d'autres formations prévues.", Montreal

Course: Български за чужденци

"Zhana is a fantastic teacher. Very engaging and patient. Also very encouraging and makes learning a very difficult language fun. I don't ever remember statutory school being this interesting. Highly recommended if you're wanting to learn Bulgarian", Sofia