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Lösung zur Verbesserung der Effizienz der Mitarbei

Teacher: Katerina Po (Berlin)

Speaks English, Russian


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1 student€5.00 [~$5.85]
2 students€10.00 [~$11.70]
3 students or more€15.00 [~$17.55]

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Lösung zur Verbesserung der Effizienz der Mitarbei

(Solution to Improve Employee Efficiency in the Off)

Course description:

Ich biete Ihnen eine speziell gestaltete 20-minütige Büro-Yoga-Klasse an, die die Arbeitseffizienz, die gesunde Atmosphäre im Büro und die positive Stimmung im Allgemeinen erhöhen wird. Die Klasse ist für jedermann in jedem Alter oder in einer physischen Form zugänglich.

I offer you a specially designed 20 minute office yoga class, which will increase work efficiency, the healthy atmosphere in the office and positive mood in general. The class is accessible to everyone at any age or physical shape.

Teaching approach:

As we know, the quality of the work does not depend on the time spent in front of the computer, but on the effectiveness of labor. By the second part of the working day attention is scattered from overexposure of vision in front of the monitor, there is a drowsiness from lack of oxygen in the brain and fatigue from immobility - and thats all has a negative effect on productivity.

Course program:

Exercises for the eyes: Restores balance in the muscles surrounding the eyes and improves coordinated activities of both eyeballs.

Relaxes the tension of the muscles strained by constant reading and working close to a monitor.

Exercises for the hands, neck, shoulders, and back: Relieve tension caused by prolonged writing or typing. The shoulder kriyas (exercises) relieve the strain of driving and office work, and are helpful in cervical spondylitis and frozen shoulder.

All the nerves connecting the different organs and limbs of the body pass through the neck. Therefore, the muscles of the neck and shoulders accumulate tension, especially after prolonged work at a desk. These kriyas release tension, heaviness and stiffness in the head, neck and shoulder region. It stimulates circulation to the nerves and muscles of the spine.

Exercise for balance: Controls the nerves and helps develop concentration.

Breathing exercises: Ensures that the whole body is nourished by an extra supply of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is efficiently expelled and the blood is purified of toxins. The brain centers are stimulated to work nearer to their optimum capacity. It also induces tranquillity, clarity of thought and concentration, and is recommended for those engaged in mental work.

Meditation: It increases vitality and lowers levels of stress and anxiety.

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Sports classes, Berlin

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Sports classes, Berlin


Sports classes, Berlin

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Sports classes, Berlin

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentEUR €5.00 [~USD $5.85]
2 studentsEUR €10.00 [~USD $11.70]
3 students or moreEUR €15.00 [~USD $17.55]

* Plus EUR €3.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: EUR €3.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Katerina Po

Spoken languages: English, Russian

About the teacher

Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor - I strive to make a contribution to the educational field by applying extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy and psychology.

I help people, realize the importance of yoga to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. I use knowledge and understanding of yoga as a tool for relaxation and happiness for people in their daily lives.

Most of my life I lived in California (23 years) where I was introduced to yoga. I was fortunate enough to take lessons from some of the leading yoga teachers of kundalini, hatha, ashtanga, bikram, vipassana (meditation) for more than 13 years, thanks to which I was introduced to new world for me, a world of spiritual practice. In 2014, I left America and went to harsh mountains of Himalayas, where I entered the School of yoga for the improvement of my knowledge.

Then I decided to test my strength in the Ashram (Indian monastery) in the south of India. In the ascetic conditions of the Ashram's life, I went deep into the practice of Hatha Yoga and meditation. Now I reside in Berlin and am ready to share my deep knowledge and spirit with students with any needs (especially beginners)


HATHA YOGA WORLD, Dharamsala, India - 200 hours.

Sarvaguna Yoga-Meditation Training and Research Academy, Dharamsala, India - 300 hours.


Most of my eaching was done one on one in countries India, Russia, and America.

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