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Einzigartige Gitarrentechniken mit der Grundtheori

Teacher: Koji Yamamoto (Berlin)

Speaks Japanese, English


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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€35.00 [~$38.08]
2 students€20.00 [~$21.76]
3 students or more€15.00 [~$16.32]

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Einzigartige Gitarrentechniken mit der Grundtheori

(Unique guitar techniques with the basic theory)

Course description:

Sie können einzigartige Akkordfolgen lernen, die unglaublich cool klingen und durch meinen Unterricht auf jede Art von Musik angewendet werden können! Sie können auch grundlegende Gitarrentechniken wie Pop-Song-Akkordfolgen lernen.

You can learn unique chord progressions which sound awesomely cool and can apply to any kind of music through my lessons!!
You can also learn basic guitar techniques like Pop song chord progressions for sure.

Teaching approach:

If you take a guitar lesson, what you usually learn is C, D G chords and A minor pentatonic scale and dorian...something like that.

It's good but most of the time those music skills are too confusing to output or apply to your own music and It's really hard to even memorize them. The reason why is you never learn the essential character of the notes and nice ways of lining them in chord progressions.

In my lesson, I will give you some nice ideas of making your music sound cool!

Course program:

・Beginner level:

How to play songs with easy chords and notes.
How to enjoy playing the guitar.
Know the difference between what you need to know and don't need to know when you play the guitar in the beginning.
General and unique ideas for practicing alone.

・Intermediate level:

How to strum the strings accurately to make your sound more clear, create the groove, playing solos in tempo.
Know more sophisticated chords and progression of songs.
Improvise on basic Blues chord progressions.

・Advance level:

How to improvise on Blues Jazz, Jazz and Funk music in more academic ways by paying attention to chords and scales you can use in the song.
Learn the scales and how to apply them in songs.
Learn about music theory.

Places where you can take this course:

Guitar classes, Berlin

Studio: Mainzer Str.7
Guitar classes, Berlin

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Guitar classes, Berlin

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Guitar classes, Berlin

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Guitar classes, Berlin

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Hourly rates Hourly rates:

Hourly rates per student:

1 studentEUR €35.00 [~USD $38.08]
2 studentsEUR €20.00 [~USD $21.76]
3 students or moreEUR €15.00 [~USD $16.32]

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* Plus EUR €3.00 administration fee per class (per student)
* Single-class purchase fee: EUR €3.00 (per student)

Class duration options:

Online: 60, 90, 120 minutes

In person: 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes

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Koji Yamamoto

Mother language: Japanese

Spoken languages: Japanese, English

About the teacher

Hey everybody!

I'm a professional Japanese guitar player with 6 years experience in teaching in a music school in Tokyo.

I'm able to teach you a lot of different unique techniques and ideas that I discovered myself and leaned through jam sessions with other great musicians in both Tokyo and Berlin. I'm also able to teach you the basic chord progressions including the music theory. Beginners welcome!Hope to see you soon!




I've taught 72 students with different back grounds.
I'm familliar with Blues, Soul, Acoustic fingerstyle, Jazz, Rock and Pop!

Conducting guitar lessons with clients with various goals: preparation for concerts, training future music teachers, hobbyists, etc.
Conducting trial lessons with potential clients, explain the methodology of the lessons, discuss the contract, price plans, schedule and company policy, set individual goals and deadlines.
Customizing lessons based on clients needs, level and nationality
Building rapport with client.

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  • Tell the teacher about you or your group
  • Book your own classes
  • Learn at your own pace

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